We have some brand new classes coming your way in 2012.  These are available to everyone.  These give you great opportunity to learn more about essential oils and bring your friends or family with you.  Let them see why oils are so very amazing, and learn really good info on how to use essential oils.

Here’s the schedule – If you can make it to these…do it!  They will be awesome! 

June 7 – Holly Draper’s Basic Class “Emergency Uses”
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: 972 North 1430 West, Orem, UT
Cost: Only $5.00 – Includes handouts!
What makes TRUessence different
On the go uses of essential oils
Emergency First Aid Stuff like:
           Cuts and Injuries
           Insect bites
           Pulled muscles
           And much more…

 June 16 — BLENDING CLASS — Blending At the California Spa 



Presented by Certified Aromatherapy Instructor, Holly Draper
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location: 972 North 1430 West, Orem, UT
Cost: $99.00
This class counts as accredited hours towards International Certification, if you’re interested in that.  It is packed with information and fun activities.  Very hands on.  Includes a manual and supplies.  I have a complete write up on this class.  Go to www.eoclasses.com to read all about it and to register.

July 12 – Holly Draper’s Basic Class “Home Sweet Home”
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: 972 North 1430 West, Orem, UT
Cost: Only $5.00 – Includes handouts!
What makes TRUessence different
Daily Uses of Essential Oils
Practical uses of essential oils in the home
           How to disinfect surfaces
           How to sterilize the air
           Space Clearing
           Misting – How, When, and Why, with recipes
           And much more…

date5 Dec


Not Essential Oils, Not Herbs,

Not Resins; The Dragons Are All These Combined!


In Ancient Chinese Culture Dragons Were Benevolent Animals Made Up Of Several Different Animal Parts.

So like the Mystical Creatures of Ancient China, TRUessence’s Dragons are made not of just one part of the plant (ie: the essential oils, the resins, the fleshy herbs). The Dragons are a breakthrough in modern technology that contain all the parts of a plant: the essential oils, the resins, AND the herb of plants.

 French Medical Doctor and world renouned Aromatherapist, Dr. Penoel, said if ever man could find a way to extract from a plant all the healing elements and not just the essential oils that would surely be the perfect medicine.  Well, thanks to cutting edge technology and brilliant scientific minds, ForeverGreen is now the exclusive owner of this amazing new technology that does just that. 

 In the TRUessence lineup we now have The Dragons which are very much a different animal all their own, and we want the world to know we have something very unique here.

 There are 5 different Dragons, one to represent each of the 5 Ancient Chinese Elements:

 FIRE ~ Representing the FIRE element is The RED DRAGON

 EARTH ~ Representing the EARTH element is The YELLOW DRAGON

 METAL ~ Representing the METAL element is The WHITE DRAGON

 WATER ~ Representing the WATER element is The BLACK DRAGON

 WOOD ~ Representing the WOOD element is The GREEN DRAGON

Before jumping into what The Dragons can do, Let me tell you more about how they are created:

The Dragons are not essential oils, they are not herbs, they are not resins from the plant.  The dragons are the herb (or flesh), the resins, AND the essential oils of the plant all combined and extracted at the same time.  It’s a completely new and patented product, and there is nothing else out there like them. 

Let me introduce you to HYDRessence = total plant concentrates, we affectionately call them “The Dragons”.

You may be familiar with the way essential oils are extracted from the raw plants = usually steam distillation.  After steam passes through the raw plant matter it releases the oils from the plant and the lighter molecules of the oil rise up within the steam.  The steam is then condensed and cooled and then the oil separates and floats on top of the water.  Violà. . . essential oil.

This new extraction process is called Supercritical fluid CO2 extraction.  It is a relatively new process. Supercritical fluid CO2 extraction produces extremely pure and superior quality herbal extracts that you can use in herbal medicine or aromatherapy, because the resulting super medicinal fluid is in pure liquid form. 

Supercritical CO2 extraction has many benefits over steam or hydro distillation.  The CO2 extraction process consists of pumping pressurized carbon dioxide into a chamber filled with the raw plant matter.  When carbon dioxide is subjected to pressure it becomes “supercritical” and has liquid properties while remaining in a gaseous state.  Because of the liquid properties of the gas, the CO2 functions as a solvent, pulling the oils and other substances such as pigment and resin from the plant matter.  Thus the difference between CO2 extraction and traditional distillation is that CO2 is used as a solvent instead of heated water or steam.  The temperature involved in CO2 extraction is around 95 to 100 degrees as opposed to 140 to 212 degrees in steam distillation, leaving even more healing properties of the plant in tact.

Steam distillation can extract the volatile and light weight lipid or oil-based molecules but it leaves behind other larger water soluble molecules.  CO2 being more solvent than water can extract both types of molecules and give a more complete extraction of the original plant material, both in fragrance and medicinal chemical properties.

This one of a kind, proprietary process starts with CO2 supercritical extraction of the entire plant material.  Extracting every bioactive agent from the plant material – both water soluble and oil soluble – resulting in a complete or “total” plant extract.  Total plant extracts are nearly sterile so they require no preservatives.  Since all proteins and sugars are removed from the total plant extracts, there is no base for germ growth.  Like essential oils, with proper care HYDRessence total plant concentrates have a very good shelf life.

Due to the natural separation that occurs between water-soluble and oil-soluble molecules, a further step is required in order to use them effectively as therapeutic agents.

This second step is another new technology breakthrough.  Through a process called “Aqueous Molecular Partitioning” (AMP process), the total plant extracts can be processed so they blend together and do not separate.  The resulting super extract is completely water soluble so it dissolves easily in water, juice, or food.  This makes it ideal for oral intake.  You can take the essential oils plus the addition of those crucial plant compounds incorporated into the extract through the AMP process.

The developer of this amazing new technology summarizes these two processes this way: “When we are done with the plant there is nothing left.  This is done without molecular-killing processes using heat or hazardous solvents.  Under high pressure, harmless carbon dioxide breaks down the whole plant material to its essence, and that essence is made completely water soluble.”

Working exclusively with the developers of this amazing new technology, TRUessence has created an exclusive new product category called “HYDRessence”.  We call these HYDRessence products:


We refer to these finished plant life concentrates as HYDRessences, because they contain every bioactive ingredient of the plant, do not separate, are easily dissolved in water, and are readily absorbed in the body for immediate effect.  They are ideal for internal use, providing complete bio-therapeutic and phyto-medicinal compounds, both water and oil soluble, to support and protect the body.

We embrace this revolutionary new approach to healing and prevention that can potentially be more powerful than using just essential oils or herbs alone.  The water soluble HYDRessence plant life concentrates are made to be taken internally, and quickly give your body benefits of the whole plant.

While you can use either of these natural, therapeutic extracts separately, when used together holistically, they create a synergistic healing power that is only possible with TRUessence pure essential oils and HYDRessence plant life concentrates.

So let me introduce you to the DRAGONS:  There are 5 Dragons, and they correspond to the 5 Chinese elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.


The Green Dragon

Representing the Wood element, Green Dragon is useful in cleansing the blood, supporting the liver in detoxification, and in alkalinizing the body’s pH.  It is important to neutralize acidity within the body if we wish to be in optimum health.  This combination is useful for oxygenating the cells and enhancing digestion.  Green Dragon alkalizes the body’s pH, boosts energy, alertness and focus, purifies and detoxifies.

In the mythology of various Asian countries, green dragons are the symbols of the life in plants.  Greens are also amazingly nourishing!  They are the key to total health and vitality.

A blend of eight different whole herbs that promote detoxification, Green Dragon represents the wood element, and is symbolic of the life force that comes from the plant kingdom. Greens are amazingly nutritious with vast health benefits, and this blend has been designed to help create feelings associated with birth, growth, renewal, regeneration, future, vision, hope, action and vitality. Specifically targeted to support the body’s sinews, tendons, eyes and reproductive organs.

Season: Spring
Qualities: birth, growth, regeneration, future, vision, hope, activity, vitality, exuberance
Emotion: Anger
Parts of the Body: Sinews and tendons, eyes, reproductive organs

Use: Drop 5-10 drops of Green Dragon in chilled or hot water make a wonderful herbal tea.

The Red Dragon

Representing the Fire Element, Red Dragon is a powerful antioxidant and can be supportive to the cardiovascular and immune systems.  The plant life concentrates in this mixture are supportive to the brain, eye, heart, and central nervous system.

Designed to enhance the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, Red Dragon contains astaxanthin, an energizing super food that helps to support and reflect the heart, blood vessels, tongue and circulation. As the fire element, this plant life concentrate represents the Earth’s summer season and brings about feelings of love, joy, achievement, brilliance, blooming, ripening, harvest, relaxation, warmth, sharing and playfulness. For increased mental stamina, try mixing five to ten drops in water, you may add raw honey to sweeten.

In the mythology of various Asian counties, red dragons are the symbol of power and strength.  The powerful ingredient Astaxanthin in this blend is a super marine micro algae.  Astaxanthin has been studies extesively and linked to a wide range of health benefits.  Astaxanthin crosses the bloodbrain barrier, making it available to the eyes and brain thereby alleviating oxidative stresses that contribute to ocular and neurodegenerative diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and Parkinson’s disease.  This combination is a powerful  antioxidant and can be supportive to the cardiovascular and immune systems.

Season: Summer
Qualities: Love, joy, dreams fulfilled, brilliance, bloom, ripening, harvest, relax, warmth, sharing, play.
Emotion: Joy
Parts of the body: Heart, blood vessels, tongue
Use: 5-10 drops of Red Dragon in chilled or hot water make a wonderful herbal tea.

The White Dragon

Representing the Metal Element, White Dragon is antibacterial and antimicrobial.  It assists the digestion, eases nausea, supports the immune system, and soothes stress and depression.  It is strengthening to the intestinal system, and enhances circulation and inflammatory processes.  It can help to purify and detoxify the blood.  It may also ease spasms and cramps. 

Metals can serve a number of functions in the body, specifically pertaining to the lungs, large intestine, and skin. White Dragon, which represents the autumn season, is a blend of eight different whole herbs designed to support these areas and boost the immune system. Associated with respect, this warming blend of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg will bring you the sense of letting go, inspiration, power, heaven, wisdom, refinement, authority, guidance and quality.

During the 14th and 15th century plague, it was the spice dealers who robbed the sick and diseased, while remaining in full health!  Plants and spices are Nature’s oldest medicines.  Help heal you rbody naturally with the whole essence of the plant kingdom found in the HYDRessence White Dragon.  It’s a spice revival!

Season: Fall
Emotion: Respect
Qualities: Letting go, taking in the new, inspiration, Father, Heaven, wisdom, refined, quality, authority, guidance, respect
Parts of the body: Lungs, large intestines, skin
Use:  5-10 drops of White Dragon in chilled or hot water make a wonderful herbal tea.

The Black Dragon

Representing the Water Element, Black Dragon is reflective of the Earth’s winter season and has been designed to specifically support the bladder and kidneys. Formulated to conquer feelings of fear from impurities, this blend of several whole herbs supports feelings of rest, transformation, flow, strength, stamina, will, endurance and determination.

Season: Winter
Emotion: Fear
Qualities: Rest, transformation, reserves, filters impurities, flow, strength, will, endurance, determination.
Parts of the body: Kidneys, bladder

Use: To feel empowered and a boost of confidence in addition to all the other health benefits, 5-10 drops of Black Dragon in chilled or hot water make a wonderful herbal tea.

The Yellow Dragon

Representing The Earth Element, Yellow Dragon is the most supportive of the energy of late Summer.  This HYDRessence plant life concentrate helps you to create the sense of security, nourishment, abundance, comfort, stability, support, sympathy and satisfaction.  The Dragon features several different natural, whole herbs blended together to support the digestive system, flesh and muscles. 

Season: Late Summer
Emotion: Security
Qualities: Mother’s unconditional love, nourishment, bounty, comfort, home, stability, security, caring, sympathy, support, satisfaction.
Parts of the body: Entire digestive system, flesh, muscles

Use: 5-10 drops of Yellow Dragon in chilled or hot water make a wonderful herbal tea.

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date20 May

Space Clearing with Essential Oils

Do You Want To Feel and Sleep Better?

Have you ever been restless at night?

Have you ever woke up in the morning feeling like you got no rest during the night?

Have you ever woken up with aches and pains?

You have got to try this!!!

We are energy beings. Every cell in our body runs on energy (and can be measured in Megahertz [MHz]).  Our life force energy is what makes us alive.  We also have energy auras that go out from our bodies anywhere from 5 to 10 feet depending on your vitality.  We also have energy centers, or chakras that are large energy centers up and down our bodies.  (If you just rolled your eyes and thought, Yeah, right! I urge you to research it for yourself.)  All of this is known and is scientifically proven with kirlian photography and Quantum Science and is highly researched.

Understanding how this energy affects us is a key part to understanding our health or lack thereof.

So do you want to feel better?  Let me show you how you can.

Our energy fields strongly affect how we feel.  When our energy is strong and vibrant we feel healthy (because we are healthy), strong, happy, and safe.  When our energy is low it brings us too many issues to name:  Lack of energy, depression, aches, pains, illness are just a few.

So if for any reason our energy fields are vibrating at a low frequency and we go to the mall, the movie theater,  restaurant, etc… There are lots of low energy pockets hanging out in places like these.  So if your energy frequency dips low for any reason and you are in a place where there are other negative energy pockets, they will actually be attracted to your low energy (vibrating on the same frequency) and they will attach to you.

Now when you head home you take home more than what you bargained for. It’s possible to pick up low energy pockets and not only do they pull your energy down and keep you down, but they go home with you  pulling the energy in your home down.  Not only that, but if you don’t clear them before going to bed they will go to bed with you too.

The negative energy, if left on you all night, will like a parasite suck your energy from you all night. I know the thought of something sucking your energy all night is not a pleasant one, but it may just be the case.

So not only does your body not rejuvenate itself (what it is designed to do) it will age,  lose energy,  and lose vibration over night.  That’s why some people wake up still very tired from a night’s sleep  something was sucking their energy all night long.  That’s why some people wake up with aches and pains, and that’s why some people sleep very restlessly.

Our Internationally Certified Aromatherapist, and Master Blender (and boy, is she GOOOD! Far better than anyone else I’ve ever seen!!) shared this with us.  She just finished this seminar in Salt Lake, she taught us a method of how to very simply clear negative energy with essential oils and fill the clearing with good, high vibrational energy so your body can rest and rejuvenate at night, and then seal in that good energy.  Honestly I thought, Good idea in theory but would that really work?

So I went right home and I put it to the test. My husband and I have been sleeping a bit restlessly, we’ve both been under some stress.  My husband always wakes up with an aching back, most times his hip and wrist hurt too.  He’s had some injuries to these areas so we just assumed it was due to injury.

So right before we went to sleep I did this very simple clearing with the essential oils. It only took 2 minutes and was soooooo simple to do.  I went to bed thinking,  I don’t know if that really did anything besides make it smell really good in here.

Now you must know that I am not a morning person. Usually I find it hard to get out of bed around 8:00 AM.  I probably would sleep later if I didn’t have to get up and get kids off to school.  I NEVER wake up early.  It is really unheard of.  So you can imagine my surprise when I woke up, fairly awake at 5:30 AM.  I was surprised because I felt well rested and ready to get up.  But I knew that couldn’t be possible so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Both my husband and I woke up at 6:30 and just looked at each other.  I was wide awake, ready to get up but I felt so rested and good.  My husband, after getting over the shock of me being alert at that hour, realized he too felt so rested and good.  He also had NO pain.  NO aches, none at all!  That in itself is a miracle!  We both woke up and felt so good.  It felt like we were surrounded with good energy.  We got the best night’s sleep ever!  It was so amazing!

So I had to get on here and let you know how you too can enjoy such a delightful and restful sleep, how you can not age, and how you can FEEL BETTER overnight.

Here is how you do the clearing:


There are 3 new blends created for this purpose: You mix each of them up in a glass mister bottle (so you will need 3 misters for this).

The recipe for all of them is:

3 1/2 oz. of steam distilled water in 4 oz. glass mister bottle

add 16-20 drops of the essential oil blend to the water and shake well.

You will create a separate mister for each oil, you don’t want to mix these oil blends in one bottle. Then you shake it up really good before each application and voila!  You’re ready to clear some negative energy!  Spray them all over whatever you want cleared.  Last night I misted both my husband and myself, then I misted our entire bed (with the sheets pulled down), then I misted quickly around the bedroom. Be sure to do them in order. First you mist the area with Guardian, then Cherished Space, and then Finishing Oil. Here’s why:

Guardian Oil Blend is used in a mister and sprayed around the room, bed, person, or area. It will effectively clean and clear the space of negative energy. This is what removes the negative stuff out of your house and off you.

Cherished Space Oil Blend is used in a mister and sprayed next around the room, bed, person, or area. It is the blend formulated to fill the cleared space with positive, good, high vibrational energy.

Finishing Oil is used in a mister and sprayed around  the room, bed, person, or area. This oil will seal and protect your sacred space form any negative energy. It will prevent negative energy from coming back.

But think about the possibilities. You can do this to your whole house and have much better energy in your home. You can also just do this to yourself where ever you go.  Space clear your office space too!  I have been completely amazed at how well these oils work.  Try them!

Order at Wholesale Price!

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date24 Mar

The Essential Oil of Patchouli

When you think of patchouli you probably think of the 70s and hippies. That’s typical as they used the smell of patchouli to cover the smell of marajuana.  But what should come to your mind is this amazing essential oil and its healing properties.

Patchouli has anti-toxin properties for bee, hornet, wasp stings, spider, insect and snake bites.

This is our most powerful anti-poison, anti-venom, and anti-toxin oil.

The day I bought my first bottle I came home and walked out on my back deck and while moving a chair I was stung by a wasp (yellow jacket).  I am allergic to bee stings, and I didn’t know how reactive I might be to a wasp sting…all I knew was that it hurt and was swelling up fast!

I used some of the things I had used in the past — the essential oil of helichrysum, then I covered it with medicinal clay to draw out the toxins.  That wasp sting swelled up and almost immediately it looked like I had a marble under my skin.  The clay helped with the pain at first, but then not so much.

It was then that I remembered I had just bought a bottle of Patchoui oil. I remembered learning how anti-toxin and anti-poison this oil is.  In Japan and Malaysia it is used as an antidote to poisonous snake bites!  So I grabbed it up and applied one drop right to the wasp sting.  My husband and I watched in amazement as within one minute that marble like swelling went completely away and so did the pain.  One drop and it was as if there was no sting at all.  You could barely even see where the little red sting was.

Think of when you’re outdoors in the summer — camping, hiking, biking, or at a soccer game. Imagine how nice it would be if your child gets a bee sting, wasp sting, spider bite, or any insect bite and you can whip out your Patchouli essential oil and the swelling and pain simply vanish?  How cool would you be?!?  I think you’ll be impressed with what patchouli essential oil can do.

It’s also a good anti-inflammatory.

Patchouli is a nurishing, moisturizing essentail oil that is wonderful for cracked and chapped skin. You know when you have very chapped skin and it burns to put lotion on it?  Try some patchouli oil first, or mixed with a good healthy lotion and it will help that skin to heal.  It is also good in cases of dermatitis, eczema (especially the weeping kind), allergic and inflamed skin.

Patchouli essential oil is a good insect repellent.
It was originally used to pack shawls being sent to England to protect them from insects, and wearing patchouli scented shawls became the hottest fashion trend.

This versatile oil can also be used as an anti-fungal for athlete’s foot, dandruff (added to shampoo), and fungal infections on the skin.

Patchouli is good for aging skin and helps eliminate wrinkles. Never put ANY essential oil in your face neat (straight out of the bottle – undiluted).  The skin on your face is too sensitive.  Always dilute essential oils for use on your face.  Patchouli would be a great addition to any face formula and is great for your skin.

Patchouli is recognized as an aphrodisiac and is found in many perfumes.  It helps with frigidity, nervous exhaustion, and stress.

Another great quality patchouli has is its ability to help a person become grounded, connected to Mother Earth and Her power, to root oneself to the earth. By putting Patchouli essential oil on the soles of your feet and walking on the grass or earth it stimulates the Earth energy of your body, and your 1st Chakra, which has the element of Earth.

Because the oil of Patchouli is so grounding it is a great help for anxiety, depression, fear, or stress…any emotion that makes you become ungrounded. Patchouli gently and strongly helps bring your spirit back into your body and helps your fear, anxiety, stress, or depression depart as it brings you back into the power of Mother Earth.  The Earth element is calming and grounding, strengthening and loving.  The amazing oil of Patchouli can help bring all of these qualitites back into your body and spirit. 

It is truely an amazing oil!

Don’t have any Patchouli essential oil?!?

Do you want the highest quality Patchouli essential oil available?

The same kind that Internationally Certified Aromatherapists use? The same kind that Medically Trained Aromatherapists use?  Then you’ll be looking for TRUessence Brand.  This is simply the best Medicinal grade Organic essential oils out there.  Highly Qualified Aromatherapists won’t settle for any thing less — why should you?

date27 Jan



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You are invited to a FRE E Essential Oils Class

The Power of Essential Oils

Empower Yourself with Knowledge

To Effectively Use Essential Oils in Today’s World

By Holly Draper, Certified Blending Instructor

Wednesday, February 16th

6:45 PM

Real Foods Market in St. George, UT

695 S. 100 W.  *  St. George, UT

Topics to be Covered

  1. Introduction to Essential Oils — How to Tell Good Oils From Not-So-Good Oils
  2. Infectious Diseases – From a Soar Throat to Bird Flu -  How to Avoid and Combat Pathogens with Essential Oils
  3. Using Essential Oils in Emergency First Aid Situations – What Everyone Should Know
  4. Including Detailed Application
  5. Including Several Pages of Free Handouts

You don’t want to miss this class packed with tons of useful information.  If you know anyone in St. George, please tell them about this one!

date10 Jan

When you get sick Essential Oils are truly amazing to get you feeling better quickly. But you need to remember that it is crucial to know which essential oil is the best for each sick person.

Did you know that your liver does not fully developed until around age 12? This means younger kids should NOT use oils the same oils you would use for adults.  Blends with phenols or phenol like constituents in them can be hard on an adult developed liver, but they can actually harm an underdeveloped liver.  So it’s important to know what oils to use on the little ones.  You CANNOT use the same oils on little kids that you use for adults!

Luckily, there are 3 different amazing blends that were created for different levels  of development. All 100% pure and Organic ~ of course! When it comes to your and your loved ones health you do NOT want to be using non-organic oils!

Kid’s Wellness Blend

6 Months to Age 10

Kid’s Wellness is an extremely effective blend for any type of illness.  It’s specifically designed to be non toxic for:

  • little kids from age 6 months to age 10
  • pregnant women
  • the elderly
  • people with liver problems

This blend is especially useful for prevention and protection during cold and flu season when added immune support is essential.   Ravensara is best to use with newborns and infants under 6 months of age.

Kid’s Wellness is highly effective when a cold or flu has set in.  Formulated by our amazing internationally acclaimed blender, Alexandria Brighton, it is gentle yet potent with antiviral and antibacterial oils which target all kinds of bacterial, viral, or respiratory infections.  Kid’s Wellness is especially good for chronic or acute spasmodic cough, congestion, sore throat, fever, and fatigue.

From simple colds to more serious respiratory infection or pneumonia, Kid’s Wellness blend has the power to boost immune response, ease the discomfort of the symptoms, and assist with a speedy recovery.

Application: Apply 1 drop (for 1 year olds), 2 drops (for 2 year olds), 3 drops (for 3 year olds) on the sole of each foot and gently rub in.  Repeat up to every hour for 3-5 hours, then once every 4 hours during waking hours.

Defense Blend

Age 10 and Up

Defense Blend is an extremely effective blend for any type of illness.  It is primarily for:

  • Kids age 10 and up
  • Teens
  • Adults

Defense is your first choice when you want to strengthen your immune system.  It was specially formulated with oils known for their antibacterial, antiviral, and immuno-stimulating properties.  Defense is gentle, non-toxic, and appropriate for long term daily use.  It is, as its name implies, designed to defend against any bacterial, viral, or fungal infections that are constantly assaulting our immune systems.

Defense contains essential oils that have gentle alcohols which support the body’s overall health and wellbeing and assist all of the major body systems.  While being gentle, this formula is  also super charged with powerful bacteria-blasting phenols, which provide a significant boost to the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

Application: During the cold and flu season apply 2-3 drops of Defense to the soles of the feet in the morning as a preventative to keep you immune system strong and to ward off any bugs that you may pick up before they become a full blown sickness.

When symptoms of an illness first appear, boost your immunity by applying Defense in the following method:

  • First Hour — 3-4 drops on each foot every 15 minutes
  • Second Hour — 3-4 drops on each foot every 30 minutes
  • Remainder of Waking Hours — 2-3 drops on each foot applied every hour for a total of 10-15 applications

Spice of Life Blend

Teens and Adults

Spice of Life is the “BIG GUNS” of the essential oil world.  This is heavy on the phenols and amazing in its viral and bacterial and fungi killing properties.  This powerful blend is for:

  • Teens
  • Adults

The recipe for Spice of Life blend is based on an ancient formula used by old world spice traders.  They used this blend to strengthen their immunity and prevent them from contracting the deadly diseases during the Black Plague which ravaged Europe during the mid 1300′s.

Blended with essential oils known to have the most potent antibacterial and antiviral properties, Spice of Life is a natural antibiotic.   In some studies the oils in this blend have been shown to be as effective as penicillin and ampicillin – but without any negative side effects, and without creating resistant strains of bacteria and viruses.

Spice of Life is the “HEAVY ARTILLERY” in the essential oils world.  It is the blend of choice when an infection shows up and threatens to become serious, needing rapid and effective intervention.

Application: When symptoms of an illness first appear, or threaten to become worse, boost your immunity by applying Spice of Life in the following method:

  • First Hour — 3-4 drops on each foot every 15 minutes
  • Second Hour — 3-4 drops on each foot every 30 minutes
  • Remainder of Waking Hours — 2-3 drops on each foot applied every hour for a total of 10-15 applications

Remember: You will need to have these oils in your possession and know how to use them BEFORE you or your loved ones become sick.  Get them, use them, become familiar with them, and you can be at peace knowing you have the knowledge and supplies to take care of whatever comes your way.

date10 Jan